Will Katie Holmes start smiling now?

We’ve noticed that there seems to be a plethora of celebrities that have adopted the “Victoria Beckham Grin”. It’s unusual to see her flash her pearly whites. Is it because her life is so bad (we think not) or is it because she’s got a mouth full of fangs?

From what we understand it’s not the latter either. Some people just don’t like to expose their teeth to the rest of the world. Some people do it too much (Joan Rivers) for no reason.

Katie Holmes is one of those people. We Googled her and found that over 90% of the images of her show her grinning, not smiling. We have come to our own conclusion about this situation: Considering what she got herself into when she married Tom Cruise; she hasn’t had a lot to spend a full smile on!

Or maybe it’s because, like most people that hide their smile, she had bad teeth growing up. Often someone that wasn’t born with a stunning smile full of straight and white teeth; or didn’t have the means to have them fixed will “grin” their way through life.

Sometimes people that were lucky enough to inherit great teeth neglect them and make grinning their preferred form of smiling. Both situations are not only unfortunate but they can be remedied!

Stop “grinning” your way through life and start smiling again! Our professional and understanding staff is here to help you. Click here to read more about the services we provide.

And please, Katie, start smiling again!

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