Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry can be defined many ways. For Dr. Katie it is doing individually appropriate high-quality, biologically compatible, safe and life energy enhancing dentistry. A holistic dentists needs to know the impact of her dentistry on the biology and the energy system of her patient. Wherever possible noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments are used and recommended.

Also, Dr. Katie’s desire is for every appointment to be emotionally and spiritually harmonious for each patient. We strive to perform dental procedures in the gentlest and kindest way possible and with a little humor and friendliness. Always with a big smile on our face. We maintain a calm and friendly office environment. We have many comfort mechanisms and alternative techniques to help our patients reduce and eliminate fears and phobias, so that they can be in a low stress state of mind.

Our Holistic Menu:

Safe Mercury free fillings
Safe Mercury removal
Fluoride Free Cleaning if needed
Low Radiation, Digital X-rays
Organic Products
Calming and Comfort Techniques
Sedation Dentistry
TMD/TMJ Therapy
Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatments
Trigeminal Nerve Therapies

Comfort Menu:

Stylish Reception Area: Relax in our modern and stylist atmosphere and enjoy a complimentary beverage

Entertainment Center: Netflix and Pandora for your listening experience Watch a show or listen to your favorite artist so you are feeling like you are in your own relaxing space

Support Pillows: We offer both head and neck pillows for support and comfort

The Powder Room: Well stocked for post treatment touchups as well as freshening up before your appointment. Complementary toothbrushes, mouth wash and floss available of course

Aromatherapy: Relax your mind and indulge your senses

Private Transportation: Arranged for you following extensive and involved treatments

Blankets: Envelope yourself in the warmth with our cozy blankets

Lastly, Dr. Katie cares about the environment and we make a huge effort to recycle all paper products used in sterilizing our instruments. Every little bit makes a difference!